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The Church's Response

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November 8, 2020 // Every year the hatred grows for God and His holy Word; it is more difficult to stand up for Jesus. Have you considered what true faith will cost you in the coming years and decades, when those around you turn on you, or if you lose your job because of your faith? Although it might be several decades before these things happen, they still will happen. Between now and then the Church faces the most critical juncture in its history. This is no longer a season for Christians to sit on the sidelines and enjoy the music. This is the time to either stand up and declare the truth, or fade away into the cultural tide of compromise. If we fade, we will face God’s wrath in the coming period of judgment. Now is the time for the forerunner ministry to take command of the Church and follow the Holy Spirit. Matthew 13:30 #aboldcalltoaction