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Standing Victoriously With Jesus

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December 13, 2020 // The Bible tells us that one generation will experience the end times and the second coming of Jesus. Even if we are only entering into a period of rebellion and judgment, we must stand with Jesus victoriously on our side of this period. Although we don’t know when Christ will return, or when this period of judgment will be over, Luke 21:34-36 tells us that we need to stay alert and avoid the traps of excessiveness, drunkenness, and anxiety. Watching focuses the mind, while prayer focuses the heart. When our minds and hearts are focused, we are prepared to help bring others to Christ. When God’s people watch and pray together, we are positioned to receive the direction of the Holy Spirit for our neighborhoods and cities. We find our strength in the intimacy with the Lord as a result of the Greatest Commandment, and we find our direction from the Holy Spirit on what to do in our communities as the crisis increases. Finally, this teaching series closes by exemplifying the way David closed Psalm 2 with hope. #aboldcalltoaction