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Showing Truth

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July 5, 2020 // This teaching series is based upon the second Greatest Commandment to love others and share the Gospel with them in both truth and love. The first place that we must look to find truth is in God’s Holy Word. If we move away from sharing the truth found in God’s Word, we move away from having the spiritual power to save others. Truth must be given to build others up, not tear them down, so it should never be shared with a critical heart. When we share truth alongside the other fruit of the Spirit, it can be done in a way that recognizes that truth hurts because it exposes sinfulness and self-dependency. Living out our lives in God’s Truth sets us free, brings us closer to God, and brings to life that truth is not a concept, but rather it is a person – Jesus. John 3:16 #LovingOthersWithTruthPlusLove