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Showing Kindness and Gentleness

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June 7, 2020 // This teaching series is based upon the second Greatest Commandment to love others and share the Gospel with them in both truth and love. The Holy Spirit is the sole Source of our ability to show kindness and gentleness. Guys, our culture can tell us that being kind and gentle is a weakness, yet Jesus did it and was not weak at all. This fruit becomes part of our lives when we forgive others like God forgives us, reconcile broken relationships, and purposefully set out to be kind and gentle. We must be willing to look different from the world and cut out our own corrupting inner voices. It can be very difficult to be kind to difficult people, but often the difficulty they demonstrate on the outside is because of a great hurt on the inside. We gain influence when others see us as kind and gentle without having an ulterior motive, an influence that can be used to share Truth plus Love. Ephesians 4:32 #LovingOthersWithTruthPlusLove