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Divine Drama in Psalm 2

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October 4, 2020 // This teaching sets the stage for all that is going on around the world that threatens Christians and God’s Word. In Psalms 2, King David writes out a divine drama that foretells God's plan for the end times. Act I: God sees many nations on earth explicitly turn away from Him; Act II: God, sitting in heaven, laughs and scoffs on earthly leaders, then turns to them in rage, declaring "I have installed my King upon Zion"; Act III: Jesus relates the decree from the Father that if only Jesus asks, the Father will give the nations and the very ends of the earth to Jesus as an inheritance, and that Jesus will break the nations, shattering them like earthenware; Act IV: David pleads that in light of what happens in Acts I through III, that earthly kings show discernment, that earthly judges take warning, and that we all worship reverently and rejoice with trembling. Finally, those who take refuge in Jesus will be blessed! Psalms 2 #aboldcalltoaction