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The Church

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March 31, 2019 // This is part four of a seven-part teaching series that examines the difference between Evangelical theology that is based upon God’s truth verses Progressive theology that is based upon society's lies. This teaching focuses upon the true Church of Christ that is led by the Holy Spirit. It is not driven by a denomination, rather it is led by the Holy Spirit. The Church is the bride of Christ and provides a glimpse of the Kingdom to come. The Body of Christ should provide fruit as evidence of its connection to the one true Church, including the gifts of the Holy Spirit. The true Church is founded upon the Bible and led by the Holy Spirit in worship, fellowship, ministry, and witness. Progressive theology does focus on the Church, but it is not founded upon the Bible and can include many theologies from across many religions. It uses intimidation tactics to enforce their beliefs and shames others who don’t believe what they believe. It plays the victim and claims that traditional beliefs push them away, and believes in tolerance of almost any other belief except an Evangelical theology. The label of intolerance is used to bully and silence those who speak God’s truth.

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