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Humanity and Sin

March 17, 2019 // This is part three of a seven-part teaching series that examines the difference between Evangelical theology that is based upon God’s truth verses Progressive theology that is based upon society's lies. Humankind was originally good and made in the image of God, we became totally fallen, and now we play a spectacular role in God’s creation. Many Progressives see humans as good and in no need of a Savior. Some even identify what Christ did on the cross as “child abuse” from the Father. Many only see Jesus the way the Muslims see Him: as a simple prophet with good rules. Progressive theology actually sees the human condition as good, not fallen. Their focus is more on social and ecological justice than on the fallen human condition. Evangelical theology recognizes our fallen nature and the absolute need for Jesus to die innocently on the cross to remove our sins. Romans 3:23

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