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No More Lukewarm Christians

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October 7, 2018 // This is part five of a six-part teaching series on the early Church. Upon entering the city gates in Leodicea, a great city in Asia Minor, one saw the Roman Emperor Domitian, who demanded to be seen as a god. The early Christians died for declaring that Jesus, not Domitian, was King. If we are taught by Jesus, our world will change again. We must know Him by his words and deeds in the Bible. What do movies today say about what our culture believes and worships? Are you engaged with those that are broken, depressed, hurting, sick, hungry, in prison, and down trodden? Don’t just write the check – go and do! When we stop going out, we die. Despite the paganism around us, something amazing is happening: people are beginning to realize that their false pagan gods are not saving them. God is opening a window for us. Take the love and caring relationship of Jesus to the broken in our world! Revelation 3:14-22; Matthew 25:34-40; John 4:10-11

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