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Real Faith With Endurance and Persistance

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September 30, 2018 // This is part four of a six-part teaching series on the early Church. When John wrote about the Church in Ephesus, it was a very pagan place actively persecuting Christians, but they never gave up and patiently endured suffering. This pagan city worshipped Artemis, the fertility goddess. People thought that Artemis was the protector of their wealth and would made them rich, so people were very protective of Artemis. When Paul came and taught at Ephesus, he essentially said that Artemis was a figment of their imagination. The people would not accept that because this threatened all of their wealth and power. Paul undermined their entire lifestyle. When we share the truth, we don’t need to attack or put down others. Our courage will only come if put Christ first and if we love each other. How do we live out our faith with courage, passion, enduring persecutions, speaking the truth, and standing against the false gods of money and sex and power? Revelation 2:2-5; Matthew 22:37-40

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