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Marching Directly Into the Heart of Satan's Home

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September 23, 2018 // This is part three of a six-part teaching series on the early Church. Jesus spoke to the Church in Pergamum and said it was where “Satan lived.” What would it have been like for one of the early believers to live in a place where Satan lived? It was considered Satan’s throne because they worshipped a pagan god named Dionisis (the son of Zeus). Satan imitated Christ through Dionisis to trick people into an eternal death. Pergamum also worshipped Oskolopius for healing. Sound familiar? Once again, this was Satan mimicking Christ. Imagine taking the Gospel message into this rich, ancient city considered the jewel of Asia. We need to be able to identify and reject the false light of Satan. Do you have the courage to go out and identify the lie in our society (or the false light of Satan) and speak the truth? Romans 1:21-23; John 8:42-47; Revelation 2:12-17

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