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Sharing Your Faith: Handling the Zingers

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May 27, 2018 // This is part six of a six-part teaching series on sharing your faith. When we share our faith, we inevitably encounter zinger responses such as:“There is no absolute truth”“Can you prove there is a God?”“How do you know the Bible is true?”“Doesn’t evolution prove the Bible is false?”“How can Jesus be the only way to God? Aren’t there many paths to Heaven?"“What happens to a person that never gets to hear about Jesus? Isn’t God mean to send them to hell?”“I don’t believe in Hell. There can’t be one.”“Can God create a rock that He can’t lift?”“I will get right with God when I get old.”“There are so many religions, how do I know which one is right?”When a zinger response is encountered, remember it is the Holy Spirit that does the saving, and the Holy Spirit is still at work even if you cannot find an answer. Matthew 13:1-9, 18-23

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