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Sharing Your Faith: This Is God's Idea

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April 8, 2018 // This is part one of a six-part teaching series on sharing your faith. In our rebellious state, the question is not, “Why would God only give us one way?" Instead, it is “Why would God give us any way at all?” We are not condemned because of what we believe, instead we are condemned by our sin. When it comes to the time of judgement, God in His infinite wisdom, perfect love, mercy, justice and wrath can do whatever He wants. We must share our faith because (1) God seeks and reaches out to everyone and uses His followers to tell the true story; (2) God placed a hole in everyone’s heart to search for the true story; and (3) the culture pollutes the pure true story. Christ is relentless in His pursuit. He will never give up His constant pursuit, so we are to be like Him in our love of others. Romans 3:9-12a; Romans 1:19-20; Romans 2:14-15; John 3:16, 18

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