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Revival Freedom

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March 11, 2018 // This is part nine of a twelve-part teaching series on revival. The sanctification of believers is an important part of a revival. This is the long-term process of becoming more and more like Christ. In a revival, sanctification sets us free to continue on our journey. In revival, the journey of sanctification does not happen over years or decades; it moves quickly and powerfully. John Wesley said, “Expect it by faith, expect it as you are, and expect it now.” We pray, “Sanctify me,” “fill me,” “cleanse me.” The answer is delivered through the fire of the Holy Spirit, forcing the rule-filled church to bend. John Wesley said, “Where ever the work the work of sanctification breaks out, the whole work of God prospers.” We have to let go of our worldly reputation and seek God. “A sacrificed reputation propels revival forward! Do you want a culture-changing revival? Then seek God for an outpouring of sanctifying power!” 1 Thessalonians 5:23, Romans 6:11

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