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Spiritual Family & Church Life

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October 22, 2017 // This is part seven of a twelve-part teaching series about what it means to be a strong disciple. Many people say they are Christian, but don’t go to Church and are not a part of the Body. If this is the Body of Christ, then how can one be a Disciple and not be part of Christ’s Body? The church is a messy place with all kinds of people, but coming together changes us and makes us more like Christ. The Church is not for good people. Instead, it is like a hospital, where people who know they are sick come to get better. When the Church acts together, it has so much power that it storms the gates of hell. The power of Christ does not just live in individuals, but it lives in us, the Church. If you want to be a strong Disciple of Jesus Christ, what are you going to do about this absolute truth? Matthew 16:18; Acts 2:42

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