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The Prayers of Binding and Loosing

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August 20, 2017 // This is part eight of a nine-part teaching series on prayer. Prayers of Binding and Loosing start with faith just like all other forms of prayer, and they must align with God’s Word. This prayer starts with something on Earth and then it changes things in heaven. It is used to bind evil spirits that are at work in some people’s lives. This type of prayer is also used to loose angelic spirits to work on your behalf in the areas that God has already promised you results. For some, this message may seem strange, as not everyone understands and accepts the impact our prayers can have on spiritual forces. Binding a team to lose the Super Bowl is not in alignment with God’s Word and won’t work. Binding and loosing must be based upon the authority that God has granted to you in scripture, not on a personal desire. Matthew 18:18

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