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The Wind Blows Where It Wills

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June 4, 2017  //  The first Pentecost after the resurrection when the Holy Spirit began leading Christ’s Church is the “birthday” of the church.  We need to be open to many expressions of the “receiving of the Holy Spirit,” and not control and judge what happens.  As long as what happens and is said is Biblical, then we can know it is true.  There are two kinds of Baptism: Water and Spirit.  For most, the baptism of the Spirit is slow and a point is reached that they have assurance of salvation.  For some it is an instantaneous and powerful event.  For others, it is a repeated powerful events.  Some can speak in tongues, others cannot.  Some just smile while others roll around on the floor.  As Methodists, we were the original “Holy Rollers” AND we come out of a very strict Church of England.  To receive the Holy Spirit, all you need to do is believe, repent, and ask! Luke 2:1-13

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