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The Prayer of Faith, Request, Supplication, or Petition

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June 25, 2017 // This is part two of a nine-part teaching series on prayer. All prayer is routed in faith. God answers prayer. God does not tell us how long it will take to get an answer. God will answer prayer that is in line with His Word and His Plan, and He immediately does this in the spiritual world. But we live in the natural world and therefore it takes time for the answer to manifest itself. It is faith that brings the answer out of the spiritual world and into the physical world. Not forgiving, not asking for forgiveness, and doubting are the biggest hindrances to prayers of faith, also called prayers of request or petition. In this type of prayer, you are asking for something. This is probably the most familiar form of prayer for most Christians. This type of prayer is about asking for something for yourself. Yes, it might involve others, but don’t confuse it with intercessory prayer. It starts with the depth of relationship we have with God, it is cleared through forgiveness and being forgiven, and it is powered by our faith in God. Luke 7:1-10; James 5:15; Mark 11:24; Hebrews 11:1

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