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Rebuilding Walls and Re-establishing the Word

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March 5, 2017 // At this point of The Story, we have seen the complete destruction of the nation, and now the people have returned to occupy the land, rebuild the city and temple, and again return to worship God. God brought them back and put a “bug in their ear” (His Word). Getting a “bug in your ear” is annoying, it scratches, and gets your attention. People can learn to "put a bug in an ear" to someone in 3 minutes or less: 1. God, the community of the Trinity, wants to be in community with human beings. 2. Sin entered in the human spirit and destroyed the unity people have with God and with one another. 3. God wins us back to Himself, beginning with Abraham and a new nation, and continuing with Jesus Christ and the church. Ezra 9:5-9

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