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No King But King Jesus

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January 29, 2017 // What if the USA had kings instead of presidents? George Washington was asked to be king of America during the Revolutionary War. George Washington, both as a Christian and a praying man, rejected the offer. He believed that there was only one King. A motto that was shouted often during the war was, “No king but King Jesus.” God’s people needed a motto like that: “No king but King God.” The human kings led the nation into a heap of trouble. The nation split into two smaller, weaker nations and during the time of the divided kingdom there were 38 kings, only five of whom were any good. The other 33 kings did evil in the eyes of the Lord. God sent 9 prophets to the northern kingdom over a span of 208 years, yet the people refused to hear and obey. Are we following earthly kings? How do we get back to following King Jesus? 2 Kings 17:13-18

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