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The Battle Begins

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October 30, 2016 // The inhabitants of the land that God promised to Israel were so bad that God was going to cast judgment upon them. This was a critical time for the Israelites, molded and hardened by their time in the desert. They faced overwhelming odds: it had been 500 years since God made His promise to Abraham yet it was not the time for it to be fulfilled. Moses had died and Israel was under the command of Joshua. God told them four times to “be strong and courageous.” It was time to be strong and take back the land! God told Joshua three things to be successful, which the Church today must also do: 1) Be a people of God’s Word; 2) Be a people of prayer and holiness (sanctification); and 3) Be a people that identify with God. Are we ready to be strong and courageous? Deuteronomy 12:31; Joshua 1:1-9; Joshua 3:5, 5:8-9a, 11:23.

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