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Joseph: From Slave to Deputy Pharaoh

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October 2, 2016 // As the fledgling nation of Israel was living with the Canaanites, there was great temptation to intermarry, so God allowed a great famine that drove the Israelites away from the Canaanites and over to Egypt. Because the Israelites were shepherds and the Egyptians considered shepherding to be an abomination, the Israelites could no longer intermarry.

There are two stories going on here – an upper story, God’s story, and a lower story, the battle of our everyday lives. Because Joseph kept his focus on the upper story, he was able to forgive his brothers, save his family, and God was able to keep the fledging Israelite nation pure. Joseph had 22 years of great trial and difficulty and 71 years of prosperity. We need to keep in mind God’s upper story and our eventual reward when we are going through our difficult times. Genesis 37:1-8; 25-28; 41:37-40; 45:4-8; Romans 8:28

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