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God Builds a Nation

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September 25, 2016 // The Story moves from Adam, Eve, and the Flood of Noah to when God tries to draw people to Him by building a nation by using Abraham and Sarah.

God made a four-point promise to Abraham: 1) God will make a the new nation great; 2) God will make Abraham's name great; 3) God will bless all who Abraham blesses and curse all who Abraham curses; and 4) God will bless all the nations of the world through Abraham, and God will use this new nation to reveal His heart and His plan to win us back.

Things were kind of tough in the beginning. Abraham was 100 and Sarah was 90 when they were told they would start a family, so Sarah laughed when she was told she would become pregnant. Finally, she beared Isaac, which means "Laughter." God severely challenged Abraham's faith and commanded him to offer Isaac as a sacrifice for three reasons: 1) To challenge Abraham's faith; 2) To say to the pagan world "Stop killing your firstborn"; and 3) as a foretelling of what would happen later on Mount Moriah - after 2080 years, this would later become Jerusalem and be the same place that Jesus was crucified.Genesis 12:1-4.

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