The Bride Comes Alive

Watch the full service here! March 28, 2020 // We are called to love like God loves us. The Tabernacle of David had two main functions: the priestly function of worship through music and teaching, and a spiritual function of evangelizing, prophesying, healing, and interceding prayer. The Bride needs to spiritually rise to a higher level of worship and spirituality as seen in the King David’s Tabernacle. Despite different functions or tasks, all are focused on One. Every worship service should usher in an atmosphere of losing ourselves in the love of the Holy Spirit. When this happens, the walls between us come down, we come alive, and darkness in our world is driven out. Through worshi

Troubled Waters: A Christian's Response to COVID-19

Watch the full service here! March 22, 2020 // This special teaching examines how a Christian should respond to the COVID-19 virus and the economic downtown. This is an opportunity for believers to introduce others to Christ!  How should we respond if someone asks, "How could a loving God allow all of these people to get sick and die from COVID-19?" #Spring2020

The Bride's Heavenly Symphony

March 15, 2020 // We are called to love like God loves us. One of the greatest sounds on earth is the Church, the Bride of Christ, worshiping together. When we allow the Holy Spirit to draw us together, a wonderful symphony is formed that flows through divine worship, prayer, devotion, and is powered by a supernatural passion for God. The Bride needs to be in constant worship through worship, Bible studies, Christian gatherings, meals, volunteering, constant individual prayer, and group prayer. In addition, we need “watchmen set upon our walls,” or powerful intercessors, to build a hedge of protection around this Bride. This all helps us prepare to receive our Groom. Leviticus 6:12-1

Being a Forerunner Minister

March 8, 2020 // We are called to love like God loves us. As the generation of the second coming, we can draw on other “forerunner ministries” that lead significant change in the Church, such as Moses, John the Baptist, and the Apostles. The Holy Spirit will lead this generation in an even greater change before the second coming of Christ and ready the world to transition into a New Heaven and New Earth. An anointing of the Great Commandment will cause us to come together as a single Bride of Christ. We need not only to get ourselves ready, but also our children and grandchildren. We are entrusted with doing great things, and will be given the power to do them. Isaiah 40:3; Micah 7:1

Fasting By the Groom and the Bride

Watch the full teaching here March 1, 2020 // We are all called to love like God loves us. Jesus, our Groom, fasts for His Bride today. We the Bride must also lead a “fasting lifestyle" which the Western Church has ceased to do. Fasting was an important part of our theological heritage from John Wesley. Like all acts of piety, fasting needs to be done in a physically, mentally, and spiritually healthy way. In addition to regular fasting such as breakfast and lunch one day a week, other ways of fasting can draw one closer to Christ, such as fasting in times of crisis, fasting in protest, and fasting for direction. Mark 4:24-25; Matthew 9:14-15; Matthew 6:16; Luke 2:37; Revelation 7:16

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