The Advent of Christmas

Watch the end of the service here Christmas Eve 2018 at 3:00p and 7:00p // Join us for the culmination of our series, The Advent of Christmas. Hear the miracle of Jesus' entry into our world told through music and Scripture. All are welcome! #teaching #TheAdventofChristmas

The Advent of Love

Watch the full teaching here December 23, 2018 // This is part four of a four-part teaching series on Advent. The highest form of love is Agape love. Jesus came out of agape love, and only through allowing that same love into our being can we too live out agape love. A wonderful way to spend a life is to continually express agape love. It comes with challenges. It means we will have to change our ways. It can only happen after understanding what was done for you. 1 Corinthians 13:4-8; John 3:16 #teaching #TheAdventofChristmas

The Advent of Joy

Watch the full teaching here December 16, 2018 // This is part three of a five-part teaching series on Advent. There is a big difference between happiness and joy. We have the legal right to pursue happiness, which is a blessing, but what about pursing joy? Joy is not a temporary emotion. It is a deep transformation that comes from entering into the life of Christ and being part of His Body. It is a state of being because we know that we are loved. Happiness comes and goes, depending upon situation or our mood, but joy never goes away. It even stops the impact of negative people in our lives as well as our own negative thoughts. Luke 2:8-21 #teaching #TheAdventofChristmas

The Advent of Peace

Watch the Children's Christmas Program Here! Sorry, teaching unavailable December 9, 2018 // This is part two of a five-part teaching series on Advent. Can you imagine the stares when Mary and Joseph tried to convince family and friends that Mary was still a virgin, and the baby was a gift from God? Then on the rough road to Bethlehem, Mary and Joseph would have travelled with family members, yet they were not allowed to stay with them. What if the stable was an escape for Mary and Joseph? Are you an outcast that has been shamed? Have you been shamed by the world for not being perfect? In the midst of all of the world’s shame comes true peace. It can be found in the eyes of a little baby.

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