Sharing Your Faith: Being a Living Word

Teaching unavailable Watch the full service here May 6, 2018 // This is part four of a six-part teaching series on sharing your faith. Sharing our faith begins with living a life that combines both Word and deed. It is not about living a perfect life; instead it is about living an honest and loving life that is filled with mercy and grace. Living this life allows us to share the Gospel message through our words. We cannot simply life a righteous life and expect others to catch on, but rather talking about our relationship with Christ must be a natural part of everyday conversation. In addition, we know that signs and wonders are an important part of sharing our faith. We must be willing to

Sharing Your Faith: Two Very Personal Stories

Watch the full teaching here April 29, 2018 // This is part three of a six-part teaching series on sharing your faith. Our faith involves two very personal stories: Christ’s and ours. The story of how Christ chose to become human so that He could save us is God's deeply personal story, and personally meeting the risen Christ and beginning to understand the depth of a personal relationship that He wants with us is our story. Salvation and transformation occur when these two personal stories connect in a deep, eternal way. Mark 15:33-34, 37-39; John 21:15-17 #teaching #sharingyourfaith

Sharing Our Faith: Love Is Our Motive

Watch the full teaching here April 15, 2018 // This is part two of a six-part teaching series on sharing our faith. Our motive should never be to bring someone to Christ through fear or to increase the “institution.” Our motives should be founded in God’s agape love, fulfill the Great Commission, and focus on total redemption – both redemption of the fallen individual, and also the redemption of a fallen society. When sharing our faith in love, the focus isn't only on heaven, but the new, real life that unfolds here on earth. God’s grace, forgiveness, new life, and transformation is available to everyone. We are to be obedient to the Great Commission and let the Holy Spirit bring others to

Sharing Your Faith: This Is God's Idea

Watch the full teaching here April 8, 2018 // This is part one of a six-part teaching series on sharing your faith. In our rebellious state, the question is not, “Why would God only give us one way?" Instead, it is “Why would God give us any way at all?” We are not condemned because of what we believe, instead we are condemned by our sin. When it comes to the time of judgement, God in His infinite wisdom, perfect love, mercy, justice and wrath can do whatever He wants. We must share our faith because (1) God seeks and reaches out to everyone and uses His followers to tell the true story; (2) God placed a hole in everyone’s heart to search for the true story; and (3) the culture pollutes th

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