Revival Experience

Watch the full teaching here February 4, 2018 // This is part four of a twelve-part teaching series on revival. How can we know what cannot be known? An experience with the Holy Spirit is beyond words. Experiencing God leads to many objections within our culture - isn't our society comfortable with rational knowledge, yet seem to be uncomfortable with experiential knowledge? Revival is a felt encounter. So many know the logical reasons that Christ is who He says He is, yet haven't had a spiritual encounter with Him. Trying to deny a divine encounter, some say these types of experiences are just emotionalism. All you have to do is ask, seek, and knock, in true faith and with an open hea

Revival Culture

Watch the full teaching here January 28, 2018 // This is part three of a twelve-part teaching series on revival. Not fully understanding, accepting, and using God's power (Western prejudice) keeps us from revival. Pentecost began a new dispensation of God’s power through the use of revival, and we still have access of that Pentecost blessing. Our church must have a culture of invitation, where everyone is asking God for revival. First, we must humble ourselves. Humility attracts God’s attention. Second, we must believe in the supernatural – it is real! We needn't fear the Spirit’s power. Third, we must establish a revival culture in the Church by seeking revival in ourselves and pray

Revival Life

Watch the full teaching here January 21, 2018 // This is part two of a twelve-part teaching series on revival. To seek a larger revival (in our town or nation), it must start with a personal revival in our hearts. We must set aside the competing interests of our hearts, such as sinful passions, hurts, and disappointments. Personal revival cleanses the heart of clutter and allows the Holy Spirit to erupt. Be ready to accept the excitement that comes, because those who reject it reject the revival. Never dismiss the Spirit’s work as “emotional fluff,” rather we are to seek the Spirit’s surge that comes with the Spirit moving us into obedience. Pray for your personal revival! Ephesians

Revival Power

Watch the full teaching here January 14, 2018 // This is part one of a twelve-part teaching series on revival. What is revival? It is the power provided by the Holy Spirit, and we are responsible to proactively participate in ushering in the next revival. Revival is not predicable, but words cannot describe the power that is unleashed when it happens. There have been three great revivals, and the fourth is underway right now in Asia, Africa, and South America. Today, there is the beginning of a great spiritual awakening all across our country, especially in our youth. Acts 1:8; 1 Thessalonians 1:5a; 2 Thessalonians 1:11-12 #teaching #revival

Remembering Our Baptism

Watch the full teaching here January 7, 2018 // Baptism of the Lord Sunday, for those who have already been baptized, includes a baptism remembrance service to speak the oath that was taken either by the individual or by the person’s parents. These are outward and visible acts of an inward and spiritual sign. The powerful promise behind the act of Baptism is claiming Christ as our Lord. Luke 3:16-17, 21-22 #teaching

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