Eternity Bound

Join us as Eternity Bound leads our service with an hour of worship music. #teaching

To Know God

Watch the full teaching here July 23, 2017 // We all know about Jesus' qualities and could describe Him if asked. However, how many of us can describe Him in a way that shows we know Him personally? There's a big, eternal difference. We must know Jesus before we can make Him known. 1 John 4:1-3, 6-21; Acts 17:24-28 #teaching

The Prayer of Consecration or Dedication

Watch the full teaching here July 16, 2017 // This is part five of a nine-part teaching series on prayer. The prayer of Consecration or Dedication is an act of faith to set ourselves apart to follow God’s will. We see Jesus doing this in Garden of Gethsemane, and when parents Baptize a child as they dedicate it to God and promise to raise the child up in the Church and live as an example of Christ. We can also consecrate our homes and families to God as seen in Joshua 24:15. Church grounds, buildings, and cemeteries are also consecrated or made holy for God’s use. This type of prayer is about setting aside yourself or something for God’s use. It is about taking a stand against Satan

The Prayers of Thanksgiving and Worship

Watch the full teaching here July 9, 2017 // This is part four of a nine-part teaching series on prayer. Prayers of thanksgiving and worship are two slightly different types of prayer that are often combined. The prayer of Thanksgiving is simply a prayer when you are thanking God for what He has done. It focuses upon how God is moving in our lives, around the world, and across history. It is also a time to thank God for what Christ has done for us. The prayer of Thanksgiving should be a regular part of our life, even in the toughest times. The prayer of Worship simply focuses upon who God is. Praising God for being the good God that He is and worshiping Him through prayer brings us i

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