The Prayer of Agreement or Corporate Prayer

Watch the full teaching here July 2, 2017 // This is part three of a nine-part teaching series on prayer. Prayer of Agreement, or Corporate prayer, is requires all of the prayors to be in absolute agreement. We are encouraged to pray with others regarding things upon which we all agree. This is done in the worship services through Prayers of the People, The Lord’s Prayer, and the Unison Prayer. This type of prayer not only gets answered by God, but it draws close those who are praying. Acts 1:14; Acts 2:42; Matthew 18:19 #teaching #TypesofPrayer

The Prayer of Faith, Request, Supplication, or Petition

Watch the full teaching here June 25, 2017 // This is part two of a nine-part teaching series on prayer. All prayer is routed in faith. God answers prayer. God does not tell us how long it will take to get an answer. God will answer prayer that is in line with His Word and His Plan, and He immediately does this in the spiritual world. But we live in the natural world and therefore it takes time for the answer to manifest itself. It is faith that brings the answer out of the spiritual world and into the physical world. Not forgiving, not asking for forgiveness, and doubting are the biggest hindrances to prayers of faith, also called prayers of request or petition. In this type of pra

What Is Prayer?

Watch the full teaching here June 18, 2017 // This is part one of a nine-part teaching series on prayer. Although we don’t want to be legalistic about prayer (just talking with God is a whole lot better than not talking with God), each of the 10 types are like tools in our Christian toolbox- each one has a purpose. We need to first and foremost seek the face of God and be in His will, then we need to forgive, then we need to be forgiven and made clean again by the blood of Christ, and then we can move into prayer. Let yourself be in the Spirit. 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 #teaching #TypesofPrayer

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