The Wind Blows Where It Wills

Watch the full teaching here June 4, 2017  //  The first Pentecost after the resurrection when the Holy Spirit began leading Christ’s Church is the “birthday” of the church.  We need to be open to many expressions of the “receiving of the Holy Spirit,” and not control and judge what happens.  As long as what happens and is said is Biblical, then we can know it is true.  There are two kinds of Baptism: Water and Spirit.  For most, the baptism of the Spirit is slow and a point is reached that they have assurance of salvation.  For some it is an instantaneous and powerful event.  For others, it is a repeated powerful events.  Some can speak in tongues, others cannot.  Some just smile while othe

A Life Group - Just Get Started!

Watch the full teaching here May 28, 2017 // This is part two of a two-part teaching series on Life Groups. Everyone needs to be part of a Life Group. They are not about knowledge; instead, these groups are about spiritual formation and becoming more like Christ. Look at a group of trusted friends that will be confidential and who will love you enough to hold you accountable without judgment. Establish a weekly meeting date and time and COMMIT to meeting. Remember the goal of the group is to spread scriptural holiness and watch over each other in love. Every group goes through the process of norming, storming, forming, and performing; so give it time. Luke 12:48 #teaching #LifeGroups

Being In a Small Group Is a Way of Life for a Christian

Watch the full teaching here May 21, 2017 // This is part one of a two-part teaching series on small groups. Because God is a Triune God, He is about love and relationship. Since we are made in the image of God, we are about relationship as well. We need people around us to live holy and righteous lives. These Life Groups are not focused on mastering content, but on changing lives. This is what happened with the Disciples - they were a small group. Individuals discuss the state of their current relationship with God and with other people (the two great commandments) as the group listens, supports, plans to improve, and holds each other accountable in trust and confidentiality. They look at

Revelation: We Are Back!

Watch the full teaching here May 14, 2017 // The Story started on September 11, 2016 in the Garden of Eden, and now God is bringing His People back into the Garden of Eden. To do this, the Lion of Judah is going to roar, everything will be set right again, and we will return to the Garden of Eden. Revelation promises a new heaven and earth and a New Jerusalem. The question that remains is: Will you be there? Will you enter into the home prepared for you? The question only you can answer is: Will you be there? We want you to be. The Story has been all about God wanting to be with you. Do you want to be with God? We have finished reading The Story, and now we must go on living The Story! Rev

Youth Sunday 2017

Watch the full service here May 7, 2017 // This year's Youth Sunday was packed full of special events including recognition of Sunday School teachers and graduates, and Confirmation. Other special elements include the Malawi mission team giving testimony, youth testimonies, a youth drama, and youth special music. May God bless and guide our youth as they grow in faith and relationship with Jesus! #teaching #TheStory

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