Paul's Mission and the Body of Christ

Watch the full teaching here April 30, 2017 // Why is Paul’s mission to the ends of the earth important to us? The acts of the apostles are to be the acts of our local church. God used Israel in the Old Testament to win people back to Himself, even though Israel failed in many ways. In the Gospels we read of God sending his Son, Jesus Christ, to win us back by dying on the cross for us, solving the big problem of sin. In the book of Acts, God used the church to find His lost children and to bring them home. We are the church: the body of Christ (1 Corinthians 12:27). 1 Corinthians 12:12-13; Acts 1:8 #teaching #TheStory

New Beginnings to Today's Revival

Watch the full teaching here April 23, 2017 // There is a time in our walk with God during which He tells us to wait. We don’t know for how long, we don’t know exactly what for, but God just wants us to wait. God’s plan is so simple. When we pray for power, something happens like in the New Testament church when they came to Jerusalem and prayed. When we proclaim the story of Jesus like Peter did, something happens. When we love one another like they did, something wonderful happens. Focus on your role in the revival that is already beginning. Acts 1:8 #teaching #TheStory

The Resurrection

Watch the full service here April 16, 2017 // On the Saturday of Easter weekend, it seems that Christ was totally defeated as his body lay utterly dead in a rock tomb. The spear had sliced his heart and his tongue had gone silent. Death was absolute. No one was betting on resurrection. We, too, can easily get stuck in Saturday, living with a Saturday state of mind: no hope, no courage, and no plans, believing that death is the final end. Is this all there is? Are you in a season of darkness? This could be a good season for you. God is patient with us. Shhh, be quiet and listen. It’s Sunday. It’s Sunday. God is inviting you to move from a Saturday state of mind into Sunday. The choice is yo

Palm Sunday 2017

Watch the full service here April 9, 2017 // This teaching looks at how the leaders manipulated the crowd to choose Barabbas and not Jesus. Today, our society is still chanting "Barabbas" and "Crucify Jesus!" It is time to take a stand and be on the right side. It is time to get out of following the mice over the cliff. It is time to come alive and shout out, "Jesus is Lord!" #teaching #TheStory

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