Who Is Jesus?

Watch the full teaching here April 2, 2017 // Have you ever seen a video of a baby who, with hearing aids, suddenly hears his parents' sweet, loving voices for the first time, or when glasses are first placed in front of a baby's eyes, which are then finally able to focus on the joyful father with a smile and tears on his face? It is as though the baby is falling in love all over again with his parents! Ask yourself the question, “Who is Jesus?” Maybe you know the name of Christ, have read about the life of Christ, but deep down you don’t really know what you think about Christ. Go to your own Caesarea Philippi and let Jesus ask you, “Who do you say that I am?” Set against the backdrop o

Are You Ready to Be a Farmer?

Watch the full teaching here March 26, 2017 // Do you have a king? We all do in some form or another. In God’s kingdom there is room for only one king — we can’t be our own king or queen. God is preparing a kingdom, you’re invited, and soon our King will return. We must express the bigger reality: the saving, loving kingdom of God. The kingdom of God is a great treasure, like a huge, expensive pearl. It operates with energies we do not understand or control, and it is a worry-free, anxiety-free realm. Matthew 13:44-46, Mark 4:26-29, Matthew 6:25-27, Matthew 6:33 #teaching #TheStory

Jesus Is Scary Good

Sorry, teaching is unavailable. March 19, 2017 // Let it be known to Satan and all of his cohorts, “you are in dangerous territory!” For Jesus came to destroy the work of the devil and to reunite his children with God. If you’re a friend of Satan, Jesus is not safe. However, if you’re a sincere seeker, if you have an honest heart, if you’re willing to entrust Christ with your feeble hands and your struggling ways, then Jesus is good. Scary good. John 3:2-16 #teaching #TheStory

My House Christ's Home

Watch the full teaching here March 12, 2017 // Our relationship with Jesus can be compared to the rooms in a large house. Christ stands just outside your front door, knocking, but only you can open the door. Surrender and allow Him to take the deed to your home! John 1:1-5 #teaching #TheStory

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