The Tragic Pivot in David's Life

Watch the full teaching here December 4, 2016 // King David had it all, but it still wasn't enough. He let sin enter his life, but he had a friend hold him accountable. David repented but still had to endure the consequences, and God forgave him. This part of The Story reveals a Wesleyan way of living: being in an accountability group steeped in prayer, studying scripture, sharing successes and failures, accountability, and action through holiness of living. Psalm 51:1-17 #teaching #TheStory

From Shepherd to King

Watch the full teaching here November 27, 2016 // While people look at the outside, God looks at the inside. The nation of Israel did not see David as a king like they saw Saul. However, Saul's heart was distorted, contrasted to the solid heart of David. Saul's son, Jonathan, could see the greatness of David, but Saul was constantly hostile towards David. Saul underestimated God's plan for David much like the world underestimated God's perfect plan for Jesus. Finally, after 14 years of training under Saul, David was ready to be the king. We all need someone in our lives who believes in us. Has God used a hostile person or situation in your life to mold and prepare you? 1 Samuel 16:10-13a

Standing Tall, Falling Hard

Watch the full teaching here November 13, 2016 // This is a story about three distortions: the Distortion of Phoniness; the Distortion of Conformity; and the Distortion of Misrepresentation. We are representatives of God in this world. When we disobey God, we distort God to the world. We must be like Samuel, who obeyed God, not like Saul, who disobeyed God. 1 Samuel 2:12-13a; 8:4-9; 15:26 #TheStory #teaching

The Faith of a Foreign Woman; The Risk-Taking of a Jewish Man

Watch the full teaching here November 13, 2016 // Through the terrible trials in Ruth's life, God turned what appeared to be a helpless situation into something powerful: He continued the line of descent for the coming Messiah. There were two foreign women in the lineage of Jesus - Ruth and Rehab. Ruth's whole story was an outrage to the established society, yet God used it in a powerful way to bring the Messiah. Where do you need to risk the persecution of what society says is acceptable in order to bring about the love of God? We need to cast off these boundaries within society that keep us from helping others and just do what is right. Ruth 1:1-5 #teaching #TheStory

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