Judges: A Few Good Men... and Women

Watch the full teaching here November 6, 2016 // 700 years after God’s promise to Abraham, the nation of Israel made two mistakes: 1) They did not drive out all the Canaanites, leading to the sin of idolatry; and 2) They did not teach their children about God. God used Judges in four steps: Sin, Withdrawal of Protection, Repentance, and Deliverance. God, not the human judges, orchestrated the deliverance because the judges were sinful human beings. So it goes with our lives: We sin, we are oppressed, we repent & confess, and we experience deliverance. Where are you? Judges 1:28; 3:11-12 #teaching #TheStory

The Battle Begins

Watch the full teaching here October 30, 2016 // The inhabitants of the land that God promised to Israel were so bad that God was going to cast judgment upon them. This was a critical time for the Israelites, molded and hardened by their time in the desert. They faced overwhelming odds: it had been 500 years since God made His promise to Abraham yet it was not the time for it to be fulfilled. Moses had died and Israel was under the command of Joshua. God told them four times to “be strong and courageous.” It was time to be strong and take back the land! God told Joshua three things to be successful, which the Church today must also do: 1) Be a people of God’s Word; 2) Be a people of

Wanderings: Israel on a Road Trip

Watch the full teaching here October 23, 2016 // After their miraculous exit from Egypt and the receipt of the 10 Commandments, the Israelites were led by God on the road trip of their lives, but they wanted to do the driving. They complained about the harsh conditions, about having food every day (manna), and about not being the driver. Because of their lack of faith, they were forced to take a 40 year detour on a journey that should have only taken a few months. Who do you want to be like? Who do we want to be as a Church? It is time that we stand up against those who put Christianity down. No more detours! Deuteronomy 32:45-47. #TheStory #teaching

The Ten Commandments

Watch the full teaching here October 16, 2016 // This teaching looks at the Ten Commandments. Commandments 1-4 tell us how we should treat God (vertical relationship), and 5-10 tell us how we should treat each other. While Moses was away receiving the Ten Commandments, Aaron broke the first two commandments by building a golden calf. The Story is focused on God’s desire to live among us. Today, God dwells in us, and through the work of Christ which makes us holy, we are the Tabernacle. We follow the Ten Commandments out of love for our salvation, not as a way to earn it. We follow these Commandments to show that God is with us; we shine to the world!Exodus 20:1-17 #teaching #TheStory


Watch the full teaching here October 9, 2016 // This week remembers the prophecy given to Abraham in Genesis 15:12-14 around 2091 BC. Fast forward 565 years to 1526 BC and it is finally fulfilled. God foretold 400 years of slavery and used the oppressive sinfulness of the Egyptians as an opportunity to reveal Himself. In that day, there were no atheists; everyone had their own God. God first revealed Himself to Moses through His name in Exodus 3:14, “I am who I am” (Yahweh), which means “self-existent one.” God then used 10 plagues to strike down the false demonic gods worshipped by the Egyptian people and some of the Israelites and to show Himself as the one true God. Finally, in the tent

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