Joseph: From Slave to Deputy Pharaoh

Watch the full teaching here October 2, 2016 // As the fledgling nation of Israel was living with the Canaanites, there was great temptation to intermarry, so God allowed a great famine that drove the Israelites away from the Canaanites and over to Egypt. Because the Israelites were shepherds and the Egyptians considered shepherding to be an abomination, the Israelites could no longer intermarry. There are two stories going on here – an upper story, God’s story, and a lower story, the battle of our everyday lives. Because Joseph kept his focus on the upper story, he was able to forgive his brothers, save his family, and God was able to keep the fledging Israelite nation pure. Joseph had 22

God Builds a Nation

Watch the full teaching here September 25, 2016 // The Story moves from Adam, Eve, and the Flood of Noah to when God tries to draw people to Him by building a nation by using Abraham and Sarah. God made a four-point promise to Abraham: 1) God will make a the new nation great; 2) God will make Abraham's name great; 3) God will bless all who Abraham blesses and curse all who Abraham curses; and 4) God will bless all the nations of the world through Abraham, and God will use this new nation to reveal His heart and His plan to win us back. Things were kind of tough in the beginning. Abraham was 100 and Sarah was 90 when they were told they would start a family, so Sarah laughed when she was to

The Story Starts With a Big Bang

Watch the full teaching here September 18, 2016 // After God created a perfect universe, Satan deceived Adam and Eve by focusing on the one thing forbidden by God, instead of everything else which God said was good. Satan used Adam and Eve's pride to convince them that they could be just like God. Once they sinned, Adam and Eve lied - another ancient sin which continued to move out and contaminate the world to the point that God had to cleanse it with water. This worldwide cleansing sacrifice is the first precursor to the once-and-for-all-who-believe cleansing sacrifice by Jesus Christ. Genesis 1:26-27; 8:1-4. #TheStory #teaching

What Is the Bible?

Watch the full teaching here September 11, 2016 // What is the Bible? Where did it come from? Can it be trusted? What should it mean to us? The Bible is not open to everyone; it only teaches through the Holy Spirit. To prepare for The Story, you must ask yourself these questions, and know the right answers. 2 Timothy 3:16-17; James 1:22-25 #teaching #TheStory

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